Empire: Total War – The Creative Assembly gets all Imperial

The latest in the Total War series covers a far tighter time period than before; where Medieval II stretched over around five hundred years. Empire covers only the eighteenth century, but is no https://bring-consulting.co.jp/  less ambitious for this. ‘Some of our previous games have been so long and broad that the detail sometimes got lost,’ says Designer Jamie Ferguson.’By concentrating that same level of experience in to a shorter time span, the likelihood of exposure to all the cool stuff is increased and the flavor and richness of the game is improved.’

And there’s a lot of cool stuff in there, the most obvious, and the part that CA is clearly very proud of, is the new naval combat system. ‘The eighteenth century was a very colorful time, with lots of new tactics in warfare – it was clearly the natural point to include naval battles into the game’ explains Lead Designer, James Russell. ‘It’s been on the ‘would-like-to-do’ list for some time’.

The scope of the campaign game itself demanded a far more involved seascape. ‘We’re opening up the campaign map across multiple continents from the Americas right over to India. Because your empire’s spanning the seas it’s an ideal time to enhance the strategic gameplay on the campaign map’. With your trade lanes criss-crossing the high seas naval superiority is a must, particularly as there are now specific ‘trade theatres’ mapped out in the waters that generate increased income should you control the region.